I am your TDSB Trustee candidate for Ward 1 - Etobicoke North.
For the last decade, I have spent my career and volunteer time working towards the improvement of the Toronto public school system and advocating to make our schools more accessible for everyone. I am committed to making our schools safe, positive spaces, where every student feels welcome and has the tools to thrive.
As your TDSB Trustee, I will work tirelessly to ensure our schools provide the best education possible for our children. I will do this by:

  • Promoting academic achievement for all students
    I will work to create and implement systems that consider each student’s expectations, wants and needs to ensure a learning environment that works for everyone.

  • Increasing parent engagement

I will work to increase parent engagement and communication within our schools to improve programming and build student success.

  • Building a strong Ward Council in North Etobicoke

I will work to ensure all schools in Ward 1 have strong councils that support students and educators.

  • Standing up for barrier-free, accessible and inclusive schools
    I believe our schools must be accessible to all members of the community: as your Trustee, I will work to ensure barrier-free, inclusive schools where everyone is able to learn, teach or give back.


As a parent and former student of the TDSB, I have a unique, in-depth understanding of the issues facing parents, teachers, and students. Growing up in the TDSB helped shape my future - now I have four children following in my footsteps, attending school in the TDSB and within your ward. This experience - as well as my time representing Etobicoke North on the TDSB’s Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) - has shown me what we must focus on to improve our school system.

I have a wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of TDSB policies and processes, accumulated over years of working and volunteering with the TDSB. I am also an experienced community organizer, with ample fresh ideas to bring to the table.

I have dedicated a decade of time working with the TDSB, and I am committed to making our schools accessible to all people with disabilities, as well as all persons across ethno-cultural backgrounds. I have the drive, experience, and passion to make a positive impact on our school system.

I would greatly appreciate your support in this campaign. Vote Ali Mohamed-Ali for TDSB Trustee - Ward 1 on October 22nd.

Yours sincerely,

Ali Mohamed-Ali

I have had the privilege of working and sharing responsibility for representing Ward 1 (Etobicoke North) at the TDSB’s Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) for two years with Ali Mohamed-Ali. In Ali Mohamed-Ali, I’ve found an able voice for public education. He is committed to making a difference in students’ lives: at the board table, his priorities are clear - student achievement and a voice for parents.

Vivek Rao, PIAC Member

I have known Ali Mohamed-Ali since high school. He has the knowledge, skills, and ability to be an effective School Board Trustee. Ali is a skilled and effective community organizer, as well as an activist who will put students first; he will carry parents’ voices to the decision making table, and he works well with educators. We need Ali Mohamed-Ali at the Trustee table to make the public education system strong, inclusive, and accessible to all students.

            Abdullahi Afrah, Business Owner

Ali is a long-time resident of Etobicoke North, and his contribution to the community is well-documented. On a number of occasions, Ali has demonstrated remarkable leadership and the ability to unite parents, teachers, students and administrators to make changes necessary for our schools. His strong leadership, organizational and communications skills, as well as his clear commitment to a strong public education system, will render him an effective Trustee.
                   Jama Hassan, Parent, The Boys Leadership Academy

As a mother of two TDSB students attending schools in Etobicoke North, I am interested in seeing real changes in student achievement and parent engagement within our ward. I have known Ali for many years, and he has the knowledge, skills, experience and energy to be an effective trustee. He has amazing leadership skills that can be employed to benefit our schools.
Fadumo Qualine, Mother of two TDSB students and Chair of Thistletown Collegiate Institute

He (Ali) is not only a strong advocate for parents and students, but he is also an impressive community organizer and committed to building a stronger public school system. Mr. Mohamed’s ability to pull together parents, educators, students and board personnel, while working with elected officials of the Board, was remarkable, and exactly the combination of skills required by a Trustee.
                                                 A well-respected MP, city of Toronto

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